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src=/UpFile/Image/sanduo.jpgThree-more" Service of Fengguang
"Three-more service" interprets the quality of service activities provided by Fengguang people, and lists concrete requirements on results after, during and after service.
Think more for you:
Before service, we carry out sincere and elaborate design and preparation.
We establish 4 transshipment stations all over the country and nearly 1000 uniform repair networks, so as to ensure the convenience of locomotive maintenance.
24-hour hot-line: 020-82690388. Free service hot-line: 400-889 1890. In this way, we can ensure the timely communication between Fengguang people and customers.
1-year or 10 thousand km quality assurance service, and 3 free inspection services for new locomotives
Make you more satisfied:
The outstanding business ability and employee quality during the service can make customers more satisfied. We can apply scientific solution to achieve high-quality service results.
100% professional service networks, 100% professional feedback market information, and 100% professional solution for users’ complaint and consultation
Make you more moved:
We can provide sincere and professional service activities, and move customers with sincere attitude and professional quality. Fengguang service platform sends not only message but also love of Fengguang people.
In the production system identification of Fengguang, we tailor a sole VIP personal identification number for every customer. We select 100 customer files at random for call-back every month, to manage timely understanding and communication and collect related information.
Our company carries out special service activities regularly every year, and performs small-sized activities with manufacturers as main service irregularly.
Over 500 mobile service cars travel all over the country and manage communications among manufacturers, customers and Fengguang people.
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